Ballard Career Services

The Ballard Career Services (BCS) is all about helping you land your dream job in the social impact sector! We can help you prepare a resume and LinkedIn content, learn interview skills, or connect you with professionals through our BC Mentoring program.

The job search will always be frustrating at times, sure, but it should never be overwhelming.” 

Steve Dalton, The 2-Hour Job Search

What Do We Do?

Ballard Career Services is equipped with Career Advisors that can meet with you and assist with your social impact career journey. Whether you are new to social impact or have some experience already, we want to expand upon your skills and experience to help you achieve your ultimate career goals. 

Career Advisements are to help students who have participated in the Ballard Center, in any capacity, in the past. If you are brand new to the Ballard Center and want to learn more, we recommend you sign up for a Ballard Center Advisement.

For students who have participated even briefly with any Ballard Center program in the past and are interested in what a career in social impact could look like, we would love to meet with you. Our advisors are committed to helping you figure out exactly where to start and how to be successful. 

When you sign up for an advisement session, our goal will be to help you reach your individual career goals. That could include:

  • Reviewing your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Exploring various impact careers
  • Interviewing skills
  • Professional communication skills (email, phone, and zoom etiquette)
  • Introduce you to internship/job boards and databases

Career Advisements will also facilitate participation in our mentoring program, as described on the next tab.

BCS is here for YOU! We want to help you find a fulfilling and meaningful career, so email us at to sign-up for an advisement today!

For students who have taken or are currently enrolled in Do Good. Better. (MSB 375), or completed our professional training course with a Career Advisor, you are eligible to participate in our mentoring program! 

Our network of professionals come from a wide range of careers in social impact and are excited to meet with you! They can give you an insider scoop into the social impact sector and answer your specific questions. This will help you get a feel for what careers might be a good fit for you and will give you the opportunity to learn from professionals in your field of interest. 

To start participating, make an appointment for a Career Advisement by emailing us at

Learn more about office campus-internship opportunities here.


My name is Kokia Chandler and I am from Kāneʻohe, HI. When I first came to BYU in 2013 I had no idea what I wanted to study, and did a lot of exploration. That experience taught me a ton about how to find the right path to move forward with and I am now happily studying Experience Design and Management with a minor in Nonprofit Management.

I am passionate about social issues like domestic violence, homelessness, and cultural education. I love helping people explore and experiment with their own skills and interests.

I got married in November of 2019 and have since been enjoying traveling and hobbies with my husband like watching Korean dramas, going to Yellowstone for the first time, and playing Animal Crossing.


My name is Lina and I’m a senior double-majoring in Communications and Portuguese with a minor in European Studies. I’m originally from Portugal, but grew up in Alpine, UT. I’m a huge fan of concerts, traveling, baking, hiking, cultural events, politics, and learning more about sustainable business. I’m also particularly interested in the role that the soccer industry can play in promoting equality in Europe.

My experience with the Ballard Center started with a SIP internship where my team got to create a customer advocacy program for Benetech which provides assistive reading technology for kids with visual impairments. I then did a networking internship with the Ballard Center and was subsequently hired as a networking specialist. Currently I’m a TA for the “Do Good. Better.” social innovation class in addition to being an advisor. 


My name is Karina and I am from Lindon Utah. I am currently a Senior majoring in Psychology, minoring in International Development, and I have completed the Ballard Scholar. My hobbies consist of ballroom dance, hiking, and cooking. My absolute favorite thing to do is travel, I have been to 15 different countries, which means I still have 180 others to see. I currently work as an HR assistant for Oasis, a Paychex company. I have experience reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and making hiring decisions. I love networking and you can often find me on LinkedIn connecting with professionals and arranging my own informational interviews.

My passion for social issues started when I was young and marched with my family for immigration reform. I have researched human right violations documented in truth comissions of latin american countries. I have done research on human trafficking in Cambodia and went there to teach sex education and distributed Days for Girls packets. I have volunteered at a refugee camp in Greece and hope to continue doing work with refugees after I graduate.


Hi, my name is Emma! I am a junior in the Marketing program here at BYU. I was born in Singapore but I grew up in Buffalo, NY. I love being outside in the sun and doing anything active! I especially love running/hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing. I also enjoy cooking and baking, reading, and spending time with family! I relish uniting people around a common goal or interest and making new friends. I love being involved on campus, especially in the Marriott School! I particularly love the Women in Business club and the salsa dancing club.

Growing up, I always pondered on why I was blessed with so much when others have nothing. I decided that since there was nothing I could do about the circumstances into which I was born, I would take what I have and bless others with it. When I discovered the Ballard Center, I felt like I had found the place to help me do that! The Ballard Center has provided me with the tools and resources to help me make an impact. I am particularly passionate about education, equality, and using your abilities to lift where you stand.


My name is Cali Johnson and I am from Grace, Idaho. When I was in high school I became passionate about my first nonprofit organization, Fight the New Drug. As I got involved in that organization I began to realize that we really can do something to make an impact on social issues. A real turning point for me was when I served my mission in Peru. I realized how oblivious I had been to trials that people face every day, and I wanted to do something about it. That is why I am grateful for the chance to work in the Ballard Center and contribute in some small way!

I am a junior in the Marketing program and I am loving it! I love anything that involves spending quality time with quality people. I am passionate about BYU sports and am currently a marketing intern for BYU Athletics. I also love being outside, hiking, learning new things, and riding horses.