Nonprofit Student Society

Helping Students Make an Impact as Nonprofit Professionals

Who We Are: 

The Nonprofit Student Society (NSS) provides a community on campus for those looking to make a change in the world through the Nonprofit Sector. Whether our students are interested in a career in nonprofit work or looking to volunteer or donate, we provide memorable experiences and service opportunities, coordinate professional networking, and connect students with internship opportunities.

NSS Priorities are to Provide our Club Members:  

  1. Educational opportunities to fine-tune their ability to identify vetted Nonprofits
  2. Leadership opportunities through assisting the board in planning NSS activities
  3. Networking opportunities with Nonprofit leaders throughout the Country
  4. Internship and Career opportunities with Nonprofits in Utah and the United States

By joining the NSS you will have access to regular events that provide educational, leadership, networking, internship, and career opportunities in the nonprofit sector.

  • Educational opportunities to fine-tune your ability to identify impactful Nonprofits
  • Leadership opportunities through assisting the board in planning NSS activities
  • Networking opportunities with Nonprofit leaders throughout the Country
  • Internship and Career opportunities with Nonprofits in Utah and the United States
  • Giveaways and prizes for being an active member

Our upcoming events are listed on our calendar and our weekly newsletter.

Visit the BYU Marriott School Club’s website to join the Nonprofit Student Society. There is a $20 fee for an annual membership.

President: Caroline

Witnessing the continual oppression of women by serving on a rape crisis team, I have had a strong desire to give back and contribute to the solution. This sparked in me an interest to advocate for others; to help them improve their quality of life in America. The NSS, or Nonprofit Student Society, gave me an opportunity to work toward that goal. We are a community of people on campus looking to make a difference in the world through the diverse nonprofit sector. Whether you”re interested in a career in nonprofit, or just volunteering or donating, the NSS provides networking, internships, and service events throughout the year to help connect you to causes you care about. 

Executive Secretary: Kate

My first encounter with a nonprofit organization was after hurricane Katrina hit. I lived relatively close by and many older members of our church unit participated in cleanups through Helping Hands. I felt drawn to help and to give everything I could to help those affected. Recently, I had the opportunity to serve my mission in The Netherlands. I was able to serve and teach English and dutch to refugees and asylum-seekers from all over the world. I currently volunteer with a local nonprofit that aids refugees resettling in my area. I hope to be able to continue advocating for those who have been displaced. The NSS enables me to connect with likeminded students and local nonprofits to help me understand what it is like to work at a nonprofit. By being a member of the NSS, I am better equipped to become a nonprofit professional and to implement positive solutions and changes to ongoing social issues.

VP of Operations: Skylar 

Nonprofit organizations are important to me because I have witnessed how effective they can be as a vehicle for positive change – both in the lives of those working for them and in the lives of those receiving services and help from them. Personally, I have seen how my mom has been blessed with continual fulfillment and purpose throughout her career by working for nonprofit organizations like the Peace Corps, the Cooperative Housing Foundation, LC Abused Women”s Shelter, etc., and I hope to have similar opportunities in my own future. I’m grateful for the NSS because it facilitates such opportunities by exposing students to different social issues and introducing them to nonprofit organizations that are leading the fight against these issues. 

VP of Strategy and Development: Hollis

I’ve been blessed to be able to have the country of Thailand be a huge part of my life. Being half-Thai, serving my mission in Thailand, teaching Thai at the MTC, and leading humanitarian trips to Thailand these past couple years just scratches the surface of how much of an impact Thailand has had on me.

Thailand has helped grow my interest in non-profits and participating in them. I hope to be a huge advocate against sex trafficking in Thailand and make an impact. NSS is a way I can learn more about how I can make that impact. Learn the ins and out of nonprofits and how to bring to pass change. NSS motivates me because it gives me the tools to make a change in the world.

VP of Marketing: Olivia

I’m entering my senior year at BYU, I’m a marketing major. The Nonprofit minor and coinciding student society piqued my interest when I realized I wanted to do something with my degree that would make a difference. Once I joined, I realized how many opportunities there are to make a living while also making a difference. I’m interested in sustainability, global women’s rights, and using economic development (ie, micro loans) to help fight poverty. My goal when I graduate is to pursue a law degree so I can help the causes I support for even more.

VP of Networking: Carsten

I have always been drawn towards education. Even during parts of my life when I was convinced I didn’t want to be an educator, I knew deep down my ultimate desire was to help others grow through learning. During my time working with the Young Leaders Program in Oregon, I have come to recognize how much I enjoy helping youth, especially underprivileged youth, gain knowledge through experiential learning. Working with the NSS gives me the opportunity to not only educate myself, but to help others grow as they try to understand how they can make an impact in the world through their own experiential learning. The NSS gives me a platform to learn with like-minded individuals on how we can make the world a better place. Not only that, but it gives me the connections I need to actually bring about the change I desire. I am so excited to work with and help other passionate individuals find a way to make the lasting change they seek.

“Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength of the nation.” – JFK

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