Social Impact Career Coaching

Take your passion for social impact beyond BYU campus.

We are here to help you develop professional skills, connect with mentors in the social impact sector, and find potential jobs and internships. Sign up for an advisement session to get started!

Our Career Advisors are prepared to help any student considering a social impact focused career. Bring your personal interests, passion for social impact, and whatever experience you have, and we will help you start your journey in preparing for a career in the social impact sector that is right for you.

We are prepared to help you with any of the following professional skills:

  • Resume writing and editing
  • LinkedIn optimization
  • Interviewing skills
  • Conducting informational interviews
  • Searching for jobs and internships
  • Networking skills

Career Advisors will also prepare you to participate in our mentoring program.

Our professional mentors come from a variety of professional backgrounds and have diverse experiences. They are all prepared to help you explore potential career paths, expose you to the social impact sector, and share their knowledge with you. These mentors are some of the Ballard Center Career Services’ greatest resources, so please do not hesitate to get connected with them! 

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Kennedy Lister

As a young teenager, my family moved overseas, spending the next 7 years living in the Middle East and Europe and traveling in the Middle East, Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa. I was exposed to many social issues that I am now passionate about solving including gender equality, generational poverty, and access to healthcare and clean water. I returned from my mission to Thailand in 2019 and am studying Economics, Political Science, and Nonprofit Management. I look forward to helping students connect with mentors, develop important professional skills, and find jobs and internships that give opportunities to make social impact.

Cami Christensen

I discovered my passion for social impact after living and working in an orphanage in Ecuador, serving a mission in the Philippines, and participating in the Ballard Center. Personally, I am passionate about social issues like newborn and maternal health, poverty alleviation, and nutrition access. ​​I am a senior studying English with a minor in Nonprofit Management. After graduation, I plan to pursue an MPA and a career in the social impact space. I’m a big podcast listener, book reader, dessert consumer, and travel supporter. I am excited to help you connect with people and opportunities to create impact!

Abby Ebert

I am a strong believer that true happiness only comes from helping and uplifting others. The Ballard Center for Social Impact is an amazing opportunity to find something you are passionate about and work to make a real impact. I am studying Human Resource Management, hoping to eventually earn my MHR and work in a large corporation helping employees and employers learn the importance and benefits of having a socially impactful bottom line. I’m passionate about women’s health, poverty, and education issues. I can’t wait to help you find what you are passionate about!

Jaxon Thomas

My name is Jaxson Thomas. I am a sophomore at BYU and just recently returned from my mission in Italy. I love pizza, pasta, lasagna, and anything Italian for that matter. I love to travel and experience different cultures and places. Through travel, I found a love for social impact. While in Haiti and the Dominican Republic I was able to learn more about social problems such as human trafficking and poor education. In the future, I hope to run my own non-profit organization on the island of Hispaniola.