Internships & Careers

Ballard Center internships allow students to put their social impact skills into practice while gaining real-world experience.

Who We Are

The Ballard Center connects students with internship and career opportunities at the most socially innovative organizations. We offer on-campus (Social Innovation Projects and Corporate Social Impact Projects) and off-campus opportunities. Our partners fit the following two criteria:  

  1. They are innovative, scalable, financially sustainable, and supportive of self-reliance with a high social impact.
  2. They are well established and recognized in the field of social innovation.

To learn more about the types of organizations that we partner with, please click here.

How to Get Involved

Want to get a head start on landing an incredible internship?  Sign up for an advisement sessionemail us, or stop by the Ballard Center today at 360 TNRB.