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Leverage the experience of the Ballard Center. Gain valuable support for your organization by collaborating with our faculty, students, and programs.

See below to learn about the many ways your organization can partner with the Ballard Center.

Social Innovation Projects

Work with a team of three to five talented students who volunteer up to forty hours a week on a project you identify. Benefits include:

  • Receiving fresh ideas and high-quality work on your projects
  • Getting access to academic resources through the team
  • Contributing to the field of social innovation by inspiring young people

Contact us to find out why so many organizations partner with Social Innovation Projects.

Y-Prize: Social Innovation Solutions Competition

Sponsor our campus-wide competition where we bring students all across campus to compete. Provide a summary of the challenge you are facing and allow passionate students to apply their skills and knowledge to create new solutions.

 Social Impact Association

Increase awareness for your organization’s mission by hosting an event with our graduate or undergraduate student organizations. Create networks with future leaders and changemakers.

Campus-Wide Engagement

The Ballard Center is part of a vibrant university setting. We welcome the opportunity to develop creative collaborations across campus to create the best results for your organization.

For instance, when a partner needed some legal research done, we approached the J. Reuben Clark Law School, with whom we had not previously collaborated. We connected with a professor who worked with us to adapt his current curriculum to include what we do here at the Ballard Center. He also helped to recruit four law students to complete the research needed.

The social innovation space is constantly growing. Because of this influx of growth, there are simply too many companies to vet. The Ballard Center uses a selection of partners from seven world-renowned vetting organizations:

  • Acumen
  • Ashoka
  • Echoing Green
  • Mulago Foundation
  • Peery Foundation
  • Schwab
  • Skoll Foundation

If you have been vetted by these organizations or have achieved Social Venture status in the Social Venture Academy, you are eligible to partner with the Ballard Center and participate in its programs.

Learn more

Contact our partner relations manager at to explore the best partnership opportunities for your organization.

“We have been very fortunate to get to know the BYU Ballard Center for Social Impact. BYU students have been very useful to Fundación Paraguaya because they have developed educational programs, carried out surveys, and adjusted our microfinance methodologies. They have helped us take the lessons that we have learned from our programs to other countries.”
— Martin Burt, Fundación Paraguaya