Changemaker Campus

As one of only forty-five  universities worldwide designated by Ashoka U as a Changemaker Campus, Brigham Young University has been recognized for its dedication to connecting students with social innovation education and resources.

Changemaker article

Ashoka U, a subset of the international nonprofit organization Ashoka, is an initiative set forth to promote social impact in universities. BYU was named for its ability to produce influential students who make a difference on a local and a global stage. BYU received the Changemaker Campus title through the efforts of the Ballard Center. The center incorporates the ideas of a Changemaker Campus by encouraging and teaching students to find innovative solutions to social problems.

The following is the selection criteria for a university to be designated as a Changemaker Campus:

  • Institutional commitment to building the field of social innovation education.
  • Evidence of strong student, faculty, and administrator interest in social entrepreneurship.
  • Support from president and/or provost, and active championship from one or multiple deans on campus.
  • A programmatic initiative is already underway around social entrepreneurship: initiative, major, minor, certificate, center, or a variant thereof, ensuring an “institutional home” for social entrepreneurship.
  • A mandated Change Leader is accountable for the partnership from one year to the next, with senior-level support and commitment to this as a multi-year initiative.
  • Commitment to developing a long-term funding strategy to keep social entrepreneurship as a core part of the institution’s offerings.

Changemaker Creed

In conjunction with being designated as a Changemaker Campus, the Ballard Center developed a Changemaker Creed:

I am a Changemaker.

I have a unique set of talents, resources, and time that I will devote to create the changes I want to see in the world.

I will seek to contribute to causes that align with my passions through donating, volunteering, working for, or even creating my own organization.

I pledge to support organizations that make a meaningful and sustainable impact. I seek entities that:

  • Address the root causes of society’s greatest problems (not just the symptoms)
  • Measure outcomes and impact
  • Promote self-reliance

I will continuously improve how I assess organizations and my own impact on the world.

I provide unique talents to entities that align with my passions and provide sustainable impact. By incorporating these objectives in my life, I will engage in lifelong service as a true Changemaker.