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Valerie P. Meade, EMPA 2012

Valerie P. Meade, EMPA 2012

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Current Position: EMPA 2012 Class Rep
Member Since: 2013

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Job Title: Associate Dean
Company: Center for Excellence in Higher Education
Location: Utah, United States


  • Women in Business
  • ASPA
  • Utah County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition


Valerie was raised in the Washington D.C. area by her Finnish diplomat mother and U.S. diplomat father. This led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in international relations. Valerie pursued an additional degree in paralegal studies and a master’s degree in public administration. She has enjoyed many various jobs in the public and private education arena in Utah and Russia. Valerie can be found teaching Business Law, Business Communications, U.S. History, English, or Rhetoric in the evenings or online.

Valerie has a great passion and interest in community and mental health issues. She is particularly versed in and continually gathering data on the interactions of various Cluster B personality disorders in the community. Currently, she is teaching business courses online and mentoring students through their first business experiences while keeping on top of the ever-changing job market.

She loves to learn and is truly interested in practically every subject. When she is not working or teaching, Valerie enjoys going on nature walks, going to the gym, dancing, sitting around campfires, socializing with friends, or discovering new places in this big beautiful world. Her favorite places to visit are world heritage site designations.