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William D. Hansen

William D. Hansen

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Job Title: Retired: President and CEO
Company: Strada Education
Location: Indiana, United States


  • Federal Government


William D. “Bill” Hansen has more than 30 years of experience in the education at the kindergarten – 12th grade and postsecondary levels. Prior to becoming the Strada Education president and chief executive officer in July 2013, he worked for 15 years in the public sector and 20 years in the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

His federal service includes leadership positions at the Departments of Education, Commerce and Energy. He served as Deputy Secretary of Education from 2001 – 2003 where he managed ED’s 5,000 employees and a $100 billion budget.

As Strada CEO, Hansen oversees an organization that since 1960 has supported a total of $247 billion in financial aid for higher education. Strada Education has served approximately 22.4 million students and parents, as well as thousands of educational and financial institutions.

Hansen’s previous private sector experience includes service as president and chairman of Scantron Corp. and Global Scholar. He also co-founded, with former U.S. Education Secretary Rod Paige, an education-related consulting firm. Additionally, he was senior vice president and managing director of the state and local solutions education services business for Affiliated Computer Services and the president of the Education Finance Council.

Hansen was a member of four-state education commissions in the Commonwealth of Virginia which helps improve education and workforce opportunities for students. He was appointed by the U.S. Senate majority leader to be a commissioner on the U.S. Commission on the Cost of Higher Education. He has been an advisory board member for the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia, Brigham Young University-Idaho, the George W. Romney Institute of Public Service and Ethics at Brigham Young University, and Southern Virginia University. He also serves on the corporate boards of Career Education Corporation, Everspring Partners, Performant Financial, Shorelight Education and Teachers of Tomorrow.