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Warren R. Osborn

Warren R. Osborn

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Member Since: 1998


Job Title: Managing Director/CEO
Company: Osborn Companies
Location: Utah, United States


  • CEO
  • Consumer Goods Manufacturing
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Fashion/Apparel/Textiles
  • Import/Export
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity Investing


Warren Osborn is a serial entrepreneur and passionate product creator. In the 90s, Warren founded and built Osborn Video, which produced videos and also replicated VHS videos. Osborn Video became one of the largest video companies in the Intermountain West. In 2002, Warren founded Seastone which pioneered the Gift Card packaging industry, quickly becoming a world leader in that market. Seastone also created the Blu-ray disc package, which established the worldwide standard for high-def movie packaging. Billions of Warren’s patented Blu-ray disc packages have been sold worldwide. In 2011, Warren founded BRAVEN which created a nearly indestructible waterproof speaker allowing speakers to go anywhere you go. With patented technology and first of its kind sound in the Bluetooth market, BRAVEN quickly became the leading outdoor portable speaker brand. In 2013, BRAVEN was the fastest-growing speaker company in the world. When the company sold in 2013, it was awarded Best M&A Transaction in the USA. Warren then founded Luvaire in 2014 which created the highest-end essential oil diffusers, bringing fashion and home decor into its diffusers. Warren received a B.A. in Chinese from BYU and an MBA from Duke. Warren is currently the founder and CEO of Osborn Companies.