Accounting Director Awarded as Utah’s Outstanding Educator

Few things excite accountants more than numbers. Brigham Young University Accounting Professor Kevin Stocks has taught more than 2,000 students in 100-plus classes at two universities during the past 26 years. He can now add another number to his list: the No. 1 accounting professor in Utah.

The Utah Association of Certified Public Accountants awarded Stocks, director of BYU's School of Accountancy, the Outstanding Educator Award for 2008.

"As we reviewed what Stocks has done we said, ‘he's the guy,'" says Ron Frandsen, president of the UACPA.

The Outstanding Educator Award is given to an exceptional professor in Utah who exemplifies accounting professionalism, establishes and maintains rapport with students and adapts to the continually changing landscape of the profession. Ray Westergard, past president of the UACPA, worked with Stocks while recruiting BYU students and nominated Stocks for the award.

"On one hand he is an accountant's accountant in that he knows what he's talking about. But he's also the students' friend as well as their professor and mentor," says Westergard.

Stocks describes his teaching style as hands on and interactive. By including real-world challenges in his curriculum, his students stay current on happenings in the accounting business arena. He emphasizes letting students find the answers by working together as a class.

"Professor Stocks is a genuine professor who obviously cares about his students," says Ryan Robison, a Master of Accountancy student from Plymouth, Minn. "His constant anecdotes made him seem like a part of the class and not just the professor."

Before teaching at BYU, Stocks was an associate professor at Oklahoma State University. He is a member of a number of associations and committees and has been given many awards for his teaching and research accomplishments. He is currently the president of the Accounting Program Leaders Group and a committee member of the American Accounting Association.  Stocks' area of research includes healthcare accounting, total quality management and accounting education.

The UACPA awards an outstanding collegiate level educator annually. Past BYU recipients include: Dr. Boyd C. Randall, Dave N. Stewart, W. Steve Albrecht and G. Fred Streuling, Owen Cherrington, Jay M. Smith Jr. and K. Fred Skousen.  

The Marriott School is located at Brigham Young University, the largest privately owned, church-sponsored university in the United States. The school has nationally recognized programs in accounting, business management, public management, information systems and entrepreneurship. The school's mission is to prepare men and women of faith, character and professional ability for positions of leadership throughout the world. Approximately 3,000 students are enrolled in the Marriott School's graduate and undergraduate programs.

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Writer: Emily Webster